"Drew taking a shot at Becky, his DEAD BROTHER’S LOVE, after sleeping with Zoe and knocking Clare up."

"Everyone supporting Drew to go after Becky after he’s slept with almost every girl he’s met."

"The clare pregnancy thing made me puke a little… okay, I puked a lot."

"They never gave Leia and Zane decent plots, and probably won’t give any to Winston"

"The fact that the remedial class is called the rubber room"

"Leia’s dumb ass Fall Out Boy plot"

"Long distance relationships never work out"

"They decided to kill off the only regular male trans character on television because he was "popular". Media representation means nothing to you, eh Degrassi?"

"Most of the LBGTQ characters’ plots end up about their sexuality"

» season 13 has ended, send me your complaints and woes!